Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meet the Media Team at the 9th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation: Maryanne Lockington

Programme of Study: Undergraduate University of the South Pacific student studying law and journalism.

“I study Journalism at the University of the South Pacific. In addition to this, I’m also a creative writer, poet, human rights advocate and blogger. I hope to go into the field of human rights, NGO work and media in the future. I found that this forum activity would be a great opportunity for me, not just as a student but also because of my interest in the environment and conservation. In addition, I wanted to meet and learn from those that will be present, as well as, contribute something positive to this activity. Nature conservation is an important issue globally but I always think it has a special place in the hearts of the people in the Pacific region. I think it’s important that we protect our environment so that we have a safe and secure future to look forward to.”

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