Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding proposal at the CBD COP 10

The Pacific Voyage Media Team 28 October Nagoya Japan -

Not the actual Tree of future life but one similar at the CEPA International Fair showcasing hearts

The ‘Tree of future life’ at the CBD COP 10 has attracted more than just messages of hope.  It has also been the prop to help romance bloom when one of the messages written by a beau asked for his lady’s hand in marriage.

The ‘Tree of future life’ based at the Interactive CEPA Fair has revolved around a project by the Japan Institute for Landscape and Architecture (JILA).  Students visited Lake Biwa which is based in Kanzai, learning about the issues facing the lake and what people are doing to restore it.

“A lot of activities restoring the habitats of the Lake have been happening and it is amazing,” said Dana Galbreath from New Jersey, a student studying in Japan.

“Even the locals are trying so hard in the smallest way and so we students were wondering how we could help them and so we prepared proposals which we are sharing with people here at the fair and are collecting the messages of hope from our Earth Tree.”

As for the marriage proposal – things look promising as the couple left the booth beaming!

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