Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scene @ CBD COP 10 21 October

Images by the Pacific Voyage Media Team

H.E Carlos Salii Ambassador to Germany from Palau, Bilung Gloria Salii, Tiare Holm PEW Palau

L - R Samoa Delegation Faleafaga Tony Tipamaa, His Excellency Leiataua Tuitolova'a Dr. Kilifoti Eteuati Ambassador of Samoa to Japan

Cook Islanders at the CBD COP 10, Ms. Elizabeth Munro of the Cook Islands who is representing Asia and the Pacific Region on the COP Bureau - she is replacing Ms. Tania Temata who is unable to attend.  Ms. Nanette Woonton of SPREP

L - R Mr. Tyrone Deiye (Nauru), Mr. Joseph Tibon (Marshall Islands)

SPREP staff with delegates from New Zealand and Australia

Ms. Bernadette Carreon, Palau Horizon, Pacific Voyage Media Team

Meeting participants in one of the Working Groups

Mr. Joe Aitaro (Palau), Mr Andrew Bignell (NZ)

L - R Ms. Seni Nabou Greenpeace Pacific, an advisor on the Vanuatu delegation, Sairusi Bulai Forest and Trees Coordinator (SPC)

Mr. Soseala Tinilau of Tuvalu

 Dr. Posa Skelton and Ms. Seema Deo of SPREP

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