Thursday, October 11, 2012

East Godavari Riverine Estuarine Ecosystem (EGREE) Foundation – Andhra Pradesh, India

11 October 2012, CBD COP 11, Hyderabad India – East Godavari Riverine Estuarine Ecosystem, or EGREE for short, is located on the East coast of India,  Andhra Pradesh State.  It is the second largest mangrove forest on the east coast of India. It supports about 100,000 people who are dependent on the mangroves for  their livelihoods and survival.

Pressures on local resources over the past two decades have endangered this ecosystem and its indigenous people.  In partnership with the UNDP and GEF, the Government of India has worked with the local communities to preserve this critical habitat  and to protect their way of life.

Check out these photos of the fantastic display in EGREE booth at COP11 – representatives of the local communities help produce this together.

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