Sunday, August 15, 2010

Q & A: Short and sharp with the Cook Islands

15 August, Fiji - The Cook Islands is represented at the Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting for the 10th Confernence of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, 16 - 18 August, by Ms. Elizabeth Munro.

"Talking the talk" quick pointers:
- Pre COP is short for 'meeting before the 10th Conference of the Parties' (for the CBD).
- CBD COP is short for 'Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties'.
Q.  Why is this particular meeting important for the Cook Islands?
A.  "The pre COP is important for the Cook Islands because we, the Cook Islands need support when raising issues at the CBD COP.  In coming here to the pre-COP we join together to view our issues in the Cook Islands and in the Pacific to see where we have similar issues.  Our islands are all similar and its quite good to raise our issues now, that we'll be bringing up at the CBD COP and get support from each other". 
Q.  So why is the CBD COP important to the Cook Islands people?  What is the link between the Cook Islander in the home and this international meeting where decisions are made on Biodiversity?
A.  The Cook Islands is a party to CBD and with that we have obligations that we have to meet.  Under the CBD are three pillars, one of which is the sustainable management of biodiversity, another is the protection of species. 
For us in the Cook Islands we have species that are endemic, our natural bird the Kakerori has been under threat and was on that 'threatened list'.  It was good that we are part of CBD as that helped us in trying to take the kakerori off the threatened list.  Due to recent information, the Cook Islands is looking at taking the kakerori off the threatened list because the bird number has increased since the 1990's.  This is one way that being part of the CBD has helped us, making it a reason why the CBD is quite important for the Cook Islands.

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